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Thai macro food group is industrial manufacturing, product development.
Thai macro food corp. 's royal king brand main products are clams, sea clams, conch, shrimp scallop fish and shrimp and crab shell, such as more than 60 kinds of deep processing aquatic products and tempura shrimp, shrimp, squid, vegetables and so on more than 50 kinds of tempura package series products, favored by Japan, the United States

Taihong food
Tai hong food is an international standardized food company engaged in various kinds of frozen and fast food products processing, located in dandong, China's largest border city.The company was established in 1998 with a registered capital of 68 million yuan, with international advanced processing equipment and first-class technical standards. It has two internationally standardized production and processing bases in the industrial park
Taihong bio-technology co., LTD.
Liaoning taihong bio-technology co., LTD., located at 31 yongxiang west street, donggang economic development zone, liaoning, covers an area of 44942 square meters and an area of 18510 square meters.Registered capital: RMB 30 million yuan.The main production and processing of powder, pre-fried, seasoning, Marine food and food, through scientific research results, products
The royal king food co., LTD.,
The royal king food co., LTD., founded in 2014, is located in liaoning donggang emerging area, registered capital of ten thousand yuan, is a macro group's holding company, mainly engaged in the retail of prepackaged food;Fruit, vegetables, fresh aquatic products, the retail wholesale of the native products, and agricultural products processing;Technology and goods import and export.There is a royal flagship
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